Point of Sale Equipment

We can supply and install everything you need to get your front counter up and running.
Kitchen receipt printers, order view monitors and touch screen portable order takers can also be taken care of.
We have a direct support line with the New Zealand  manufactures / agents for your piece of mind


        Security Cameras

If you have ever been down in your nightly takings, or if stock seems to simply walk out of the door, you may want to consider installing security Cameras.

We have a range to choose from, and nearly all systems can be setup so that you can view them from a private, remote area using an internet connection.
Systems can be a simple single camera, or an advanced 24 camera setup with remote control of the tilt, pan and zoom for each camera.
All this for a fraction of the money you are probably loosing at present due to staff theft and carelessness

      Internet Presence

If your not already visible on the net, now is the time to get set up.
We can arrange everything from your own email address (yourname@yourbusiness.co.nz) to having your very own website (www.yourbusiness.co.nz).
What's more, we can even get your customers to make reservations online!

         E-Mail Marketing

If you have regularly changing specials and events taking place, consider our

E-Mail Marketing help. We do the collecting of your customers email addresses, and send out regular emails. This way they will always know what's happening at your place! This is also a very useful way to get valuable feedback from your customers.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

0800 55 24 55 or email us